Yep, Pretty Ugly Approved

Yep pretty ugly

Breaking News: Pretty girls hear them all the time. Ugly girls hear them too. And they work. On both. What are we talking about? Pick up lines of course. So next time you’re out and your brain is confused about whether to go for the pretty or the ugly. Have faith almighty bro/sis. Don’t worry. You can have them both. See. they are most likely the same person. Every coin has two sides. Heads and Tails. 

Confused? You should be. Cause it ain’t easy figuring this stuff out. But there is help. You can get anyone you want. With the right pick up lines in your arsenal. Handle with care though. You want to see the light of day tomorrow too.

Fill in the blank…

While seeing the spiritual light, a dying man once said:

“Oh man, I wish I had……..”

Then he died.

Yep, really sad story.

Anyways, anything you need to do before the death reaper claims your sorry ass?

Fill in the blank. Afterwards, go do it.  Don’t die with regrets.